Civil Service Exams – Information on the Police Administrative Aide Exam

Due to the terrible economic conditions that the country has faced for the past year and half, I will begin a new series on job hunting and civil service exams to assist those who are interested.

I am not an expert by far but what I do know, I will post and what I don’t, I’ll research and provide links.

Unemployment affect one out of four families. Someone you know is or has been laid off, forced to retire, or was let go from their jobs. I myself know a few people who have lost their jobs. I know that those who were let go at least a year and are worried about finding another job because of their age (they are  in the mid-forties and early fifties year old range).

Times are tough and it’s hard to find a suitable (replacement) job because you are competing with the semi-experienced or unexperienced recent college grad and with more experienced workers who may have lost their jobs and need one before their unemployment ends. 

I know a girl who worked in the fashion industry as a designer.  She was earning a nice six-figured salary.  She resigned from her job two years ago because of family issues.  Those family issues have been worked out and now she has been without a steady full-time job for over a year.  Part the reason is that is it is hard to find a job in the fashion industry especially since alot of the clothing manufacturers  have sent jobs overseas.  The other reason is because of the salary issues.  Everyone who was laid off are finding or offered jobs that are paying less than they received from their previous employer. 

Civil Servants may not make alot of money as one would in the private industry but if you look at the overall package – vacation, pension, and health package, it’s a better deal than what is offered in the private industry now.

As a New Yorker, I can direct you to the websites for upcoming civil service exams both for city and state. You can also purchase the Chief, a weekly newspaper that covers both state and local civil service issues.

The New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services has it own website that list all upcoming
and past civil service examinations.

You can go to to see the current and upcoming exam schedule.

Opening for filing this month is the Police Administrative Aide. You can apply on-line or submit an application between October 6 and October 24. You must have a minimum of a high school diploma or it’s equilvent, ability to type minimum of thirty-five words a minute and minimum of one year doing clerical or administrative work full-time. This civil service title is utilized exclusively by the New York Police Department and is represented by DC37, Local 1549. The starting salary is $30,698 and after two years, it increases by 15 percent.   This position is an entry-level clerical position in the New Police City Police Department. 

You can obtain a study guide for this exam in the library or civil service book store.  You can also purchase the study guide from Barnes and Nobles, Borders or Amazon.

Depending on feedback and time-constraints, I will post information on additional exams that may be of interest to you.

Legal: I received no financial compensation for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


~ by mamaeve on October 9, 2010.

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    • Erica, there is currently an established civil service list for the police administrative aide. they are calling people off the list. Most civl service list have a life span of four years and if they exhausted the list, they can make provisional appointments. please refer to for a information on all upcoming civil service examination. Good luck

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